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Join the Advocacy & Awareness Council

To better represent the broad reach of our Chamber Governmental Relations Committee and our Legislative Advocacy Initiatives, the committee name has been changed to the ADVOCACY & AWARENESS COUNCIL. The AAC will continue to curate an information pathway from our Government Agencies, Community Agencies, and Grassroots Organizations to our Benzie community at large. The AAC meeting schedule is Quarterly, with updates to the Portal as needed.

The Benzie Area Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance which gives us a regional voice as a collective with 15 other Chambers under the helm of Henry Wolf. Henry has a diverse background with concentrated experience with both State & Federal legislation. The NMCA has monthly meetings attended by the BACC to discuss legislation, mandates, ordinances, and much more. The AAC will receive updates from these meetings and may discuss the Chamber’s alignment and/or support of regional issues. Bear in mind, the BACC is a non-partisan, non-profit organization and does not support legislation and/or candidates based on party lines. It is the duty of the BACC to support efforts in Lansing & Washington DC that make sense for the Benzie Area.

Please complete the following survey as to your interest in participation. We would love to have a diverse Council and look forward to our future endeavors.
What participation level are you?
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