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Non-Profit Community Impact Award Nomination

This award will be given to a Non-Profit Organization that is a member of the Benzie Area Chamber of Commerce and will be presented at our Annual Meeting. The Benzie Area Chamber of Commerce Community Awards Committee is seeking nominations for our 2022 award. Please use the following criteria and information for submitting a nomination(s).

Nominees must meet the following criteria:
*Nominee MUST be a current Non-Profit Member of the Benzie Area Chamber of Commerce
*Only Non-Profit Members may be nominated for this award
*Nominees must exemplify the purpose of the award which is to: "Honor a Non-Profit Organization that makes a positive impact on our community"
*Nominations must be submitted by Thursday, February 2, 2023.
Please provide your name and contact information. Your name will be used when informing the nominee of their nomination and your comments will be used by the Community Awards Committee during the selection process.
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